The History & Foundation of the HGVT

On the 6th of August 1997 the HGVT officially was born and became an Incorporated association.

Prior to 1997 there were several forms of the HGVT that eventually found its way & evolved from discussion groups to the current Histology Group of Victoria & Tasmania.

The original founders came together as like-minded senior histology scientists representing all the major public hospitals and private pathology providers within the State of Victoria.

Their common goal was to create an open forum with the intent being to further enable a larger Histology discussion group that would cater to the needs of all with an interest and desire to continually improve the field of histology.

This was not to be limited only to medical scientists, this was a real think tank created with the strength & foresight to encourage and inspire new dynamic minds to come together with the focus of education at the forefront which would be provided to all Victorian members.

Thus becoming a larger yet quite manageable group of specialists in their chosen field.

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Moving Forward / 2021 & Beyond

The HGVT future plan encapsulates our common long term goal of continually providing further education programs that all participants within Histology & Histotechnology are regularly invited to partake in.

Traditionally catering for all Victorian members we have now branched out and have member partners throughout Australia & all over the world.

Our members are now totalling in excess of 728 and growing.

This could not have been possible without the passionate hard working individuals that pioneered the path forward which allow many great minds to have an opportunity to continue the legacy built by Judy Brincat & those that stood and worked tirelessly beside her.

The foundation and core values that were established many years ago still remain, where the future is now ahead of us and is to be embraced as we all share on this journey and continue to challenge ourselves & those around us, so that we make the past proud & the future truly ours.